It’s a New Year! Your reading pile is fresh, and your motivation is at its max setting. This self-improvement reading challenge brings together some of my favorite books that are meant to help you be your best self. I’m not usually one for self-help, which is why these titles are mostly alternative “self-help” and are based on foundational principles to live by rather than commandments on being better. In just five short books, you’ll be on your way to making 2020 your best year yet!

There’s a reason why most wisdom is ancient. Don Miguel Ruiz taps into Toltec principles to guide readers into a state of self-freedom. Each pillar of his book encourages you to stop limiting yourself and start living in a way that’s cohesive to positivity.

This book may not seem like self-help but Sebastian Junger’s perspective on our need for collective support. The modern age has altered what it means to be in a tribe, and if it’s even possible, but Junger brings to live the lessons of tribes from around the world and throughout history to show us the significance of belonging.

Most people have already spent a heartwarming Tuesday with Morrie, but there are a few readers out there who haven’t. This is a short, to-the-point book that includes lovely nuggets of wisdom from a man who has lived his life to the fullest. Pro tip: the audiobook includes some of the audio recordings from the original sessions.

Everyone has time to read this book. The audiobook is 45 minutes, and Adichie doesn’t beat around the bush. In her mini-manifesto, she paints all the reasons why feminism is a movement for us all. It shouldn’t be exclusive, and it’s not about hate. Get with it.

Many know about the five love languages, but have you read the book? Gary Chapman, the counselor behind the love language principles, uses this short book to explain the reasoning behind his theory. Through his anecdotes, we can understand how to better love and be loved.

2020 will slip away faster than you think. Make sure to get started on these short reads that will set you up for a fantastic year ahead! Let me know how you’re doing with the challenge by tagging me on Instagram with @ofbooksandhooks and using the hashtag #booksandhookschallenge.

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